About Project

Zonalgo helped Intellect Cadet College in development & designing of their Educational Institution website & their Learning Management & Admission Portal. The client required a detailed web application which can handle multiple queries related with their admissions and student portal where students are allowed to manage their own profiles.

Project Goals

Intellect Cadet College needed to have a website aligned a Web based Application that can manage their admissions, staff, and parents queries within in single window environment where any registered user can login and can be able to find their designated profile updates.

Design Process

  • User Research
  • User Interviews
  • Observation
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Personas
  • Empathy Map
  • Journey Map
  • User Flow
  • Card Sorting
  • Information
  • Wireframes
  • Hi-Fi Designs
  • Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Feedbacks
  • Conclusion
  • Future Concepts

Type Face Typography




Visual Style Colour Palette

Primary Colour #161e4d

Secondary Colour #243465

Dark Colour #8b9cae

Base Colour #ffffff

Project The Challenge

Intellect was required to have a facility should be provided so that student can send email about the query and it can be resolved. Application Form system should have live chat facility so that student can initiate instant chat with support team to ask individual query. Admission process involves various stages like form filling, Merit List Publishing, Wait List Publishing, Admission Counseling Round, Original Document Verification.

We Provide The Solution

We are a digital commerce & creative marketing agency exceeding our customers' expectations since 2016. We specialize in building brands and businesses by providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers.


Website Design:

We essentially built the new website entirely from scratch, as the school wanted to rewrite all of its content and information. The new website project was a perfect opportunity for our team and the school to go through all of their online content and give this a complete refresh, updating it, so it continues to meet their needs.


We Future Proof Their Website:

The curriculum information is one of the essential sections of any school website, this content details what the children will learn throughout their education at the school. When designing a educational website, we need to display this information clearly and in a detailed but engaging way. As part of outlining all of the pupils’ subjects for study, we also included a gallery of images in the curriculum content. This helps make the information more interactive and shows the pupils learning the subjects that are listed in the curriculum.


Student Admission Portal:

To meet the Customer's deadlines, team at Zonalgo suggested using the iterative approach with two phases:

The first phase was aimed at implementing the most important functionality: tests creation and execution. The user interface of the web application was developed and joined into one solution, but the main functionality was still in the pipeline. Simultaneously, the functional, technical and QA project documentation was being created. This helped ensure that all the functional requirements would be taken into account and the implementation process would be fast and clear.

The internal demo on the Customer’s site was successfully passed, and the second phase of development started.

During this phase, the functionality was extended with a feedback analysis module. Design and implementation of the remaining functional requirements such as tests creation and statistics analysis were performed in accordance with the architecture designed at the previous stage.

Technologies & Framework:
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Laravel
Features & Modules:
  • Complete Content Management System
  • Student Portal
  • Admission Module
  • Career Module

Project The Outcome

Our team successfully developed the web application and helped the Customer meet their internal deadlines. Thanks to the clear architecture backed by the full set of the project documentation, the final version was delivered ahead of schedule. As a result, the Customer saved part of the project budget.

At the moment, we continue maintaining the product with the online training and certification features. The Customer collaborates with other universities using the created software.

With complete reliance on our team of experts, with digital strategists, project managers, certified developers and designers aiming to provide our clients with results and increase their business and online conversions.