PPC Terms of Service for Zonalgo Limited

These terms of services and conditions described below are applicable to Zonalgo Limited, https://zonalgo.com/, and all products or services presented by Zonalgo. Additionally, the conditions are applied related to your use and access to the Zonalgo website. You agree to abide by the terms of service which is provided in this document by downloading, using, or accessing any material or content from this website.

If you do not agree with these terms of services and conditions, you may not use our products /services or website.

Use Provisions

Content, Products, Internet Services, and Accuracy of Data. We make sure that the information provided on our website should be correct, up-to-date, and complete. Thus, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information given on our website.

All content, product descriptions, features, product pricing, services, and statements of said products and services explained or mentioned on our website are subject to change at any time without any notice. Zonalgo strives hard to display all aspects of our products and services accurately on a regular basis.

Order Confirmations

We confirm orders through email receipts. Email receipts bound the clients to fulfill their obligations as described in the Billing and Payments Section included in this agreement. Receiving an email receipt does NOT constitute an agreement beyond the specified details of that receipt. You may request a receipt be mailed to you.

In case you do not receive a receipt by mail, you must consider your emailed copy as your formal receipt. Anyone “logging in'' to our client side confirms that they have received a receipt. They will abide by the terms and conditions regarding Billing and Payments.

Termination of Services

The client has the right to terminate the PPC management services at any time. However, the client will be responsible for paying any fees incurred up to the date of termination. Our company also reserves the right to terminate the PPC management services if the client fails to pay the monthly fee of PPC management and ads to spend on desired platforms. Similarly, if the client breaches any of the terms of this agreement, our company reserves the right to terminate the PPC management services.

Campaign Management & Ownership

All advertising campaigns are the property of Zonalgo Limited unless otherwise mentioned in an additional contract or addendum.

The client agrees to provide all necessary information and materials for the creation and management of the PPC campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, providing individual and business verification documents. The detailed document list will be shared separately via email.

Billing and Payments

All products or services provided by Zonalgo Limited fall under this scope and are not limited to: PPC ads management services, SEO services, social media, and Branding Services. You can make payments through credit cards and bank transfers. Money spent by Zonalgo Limited on an account to any third-party (search engines particularly) is not refundable. In addition, set-up fees charged for account creation and establishment are not refundable.

It is noted that all accounts are based on a recurring payment cycle unless mentioned specifically by the customer. If you want to pause your account or take off recurring status or cancel your account, you must contact Zonalgo 4 business days prior to the due date or the next payment at +1302 966 8987 or 0203 411 0061.

You are responsible for your account cancellation and you will need to contact Zonalgo Limited. to cancel your account. The payments made by credit card MUST be successfully processed by Zonalgo to keep accounts online and active to prevent any ‘down-time’ or temporary termination of service.

Our Limitation & Clients (Customers) Responsibilities

Zonalgo Limited does not accept any responsibility in the following


  • If an account is made inaccessible due to technical issues with our facilities or those of the suppliers Zonalgo Limited works with, Zonalgo Limited disclaims all liability. Because of the technological nature of our products and services, Zonalgo is not liable/responsible for any problems with the technology that may arise.
  • Zonalgo limited can't promise that a given advertisement will result in a particular number of specific visitors or more sales.
  • Any loss of business occurring due to an advertisement is solely the client’s responsibility.
  • If a customer finds a problem with their account, their advertisement, or any other product or service, "It is their complete obligation to get in touch with Zonalgo Limited and make the necessary modifications."

Warranties and Representations

Every client warrants and represents that it may enter into this agreement using the entitled power and authority. Apart from this, every client understands ALL of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS provided through email and on the website.


Our company will provide monthly or bi-monthly reports to the client on the performance of the PPC campaigns. The reports will include data on targeted traffic, spending, leads, and other metrics as deemed necessary by the client. The client agrees to review and provide feedback on the reports on time.


Both parties agree to keep all information shared during the course of the project confidential and not to disclose it to any third party without the prior written consent of the other party.

Legal Contact Information

If you have any queries or suggestions related to these Terms of Service, contact us through our website https://www.zonalgo.com/ or at +1302 966 8987 or 0203 411 0061.

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